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Hire from our network of certified developers

Hire from our network of certified developers

Rigorously vetted and certified developers

Perfectly matched to your specific requirements

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Hire a HARE Developer

At HARE.digital we work with businesses to connect them with the nations most talented developers. The HARE Developers Network gives you access to pre-vetted and certified developers at the push of a button. We bring together thousands of customers, from freelancers and SME’s to multi-national organisations and agencies.

Hire incredible developers when you need them

Stop wasting time sorting through CV’s trying to find the best candidate

Be confident that your developer is capable of delivering your project

Start work sooner, innovate faster and grow your business effectively

Whatever your project we can help

How it works:

  • Understand

    We discuss your project to get a thorough understanding of your ambitions and objectives.

  • Connect

    We keep our discussion in mind and consult our network of developers to find the developer with a skillset that best matches your requirements.

  • Deliver

    Once we have found a developer that matches your requirements and you approve work can start immediately.


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  • Free by nature

    There is no cost to businesses looking to hire one of our developers, what the freelancer quotes is what you pay – It’s that simple.

  • We do not compromise

    Every developer in our network is HARE certified and has passed our rigorous vetting process. At HARE Developers our mantra is quality, not quantity.

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We select the perfect
developer for you

Discuss your project

If you or a client are looking to innovate in the digital space, then you need developers you can trust. The HARE Developer Initiative enables you to rest easy in the knowledge that our freelancers have been stringently vetted and code tested.

HARE Developers Technical Assistance

We only succeed when your project is delivered perfectly and perfect delivery is something that we’ve become experts at. We are a software development company, meaning that, through our Harehub platform, we support our Developers with technical assistance in real-time. Click below and tell us about your project.


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