We build expert developer teams for incredible projects

We build expert developer teams for incredible projects

We build expert teams for incredible projects

At HARE Developers, we understand that no matter what sector you are in, embarking on a new software project can be daunting. That’s why we work with businesses to make the development process simple, so you can spend more time thinking about where you want to be and less time thinking about how to get there. Businesses should only have to be concerned with how they want to better serve their customers, leave everything else to us.

We work with you to rigorously plan your project and then give you the talent you need to deliver it.

Technical by nature, innovative by design
  • We are a Software Development company at our core, working with companies to develop a wide portfolio of applications. Unlike other consultancies, with have an in-depth working knowledge of the latest technologies and practices. This allows us to work with our clients throughout the entire development process.
You give us the target, we’ll choose the direction
  • We work with businesses to establish the most suitable technology to bring their idea into reality. We communicate our thought process, explain our reasoning and most importantly, consider your input. This then allows us to create a detailed development strategy detailing our suggested course of action, from which, we build an optimised development team.
Build for you, with you
  • During the consultation, we work with you to get a thorough understanding of your project. Outlining your requirements and ambitions. We then get to work, building a team that will be able to best deliver, maintain or evolve your project. It’s this end to end approach, coupled with years of development experience, that enables HARE.digital to provide a superior level of guidance, support and delivery to our clients.
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Make Reality

  • If you an idea that can revolutionise your business then we have the expertise to bring it into reality. We work with you to get a comprehensive understanding of exactly how you envision your idea of working in the real world. With this in mind, we then use our development experience to specify the optimum technologies to make your dream come true.

Evolution Expertise

  • We work with businesses on existing projects to ascertain the best way to expand and evolve. Outlining the desired end-goal and devising the optimum way to get there. We analyse your existing systems and processes and consider any existing constraints to deliver a bespoke team of developer created specifically for your project.

Disaster Averted

  • Deciding to develop software is a big decision for any business and when that software fails the consequences can be devastating. Every second that a system is not performing as it should be, time, money and most importantly customers are lost. At HARE.digital, we are experts at saving the day.
  • We work with you to identify what has gone wrong and then create a recovery strategy around which we build your rescue team. We are able to complete half-finished or poorly executed projects. Getting your business back on track.

Our Process


  • We arrange a series of discussions to establish the scope of your project, detailing your requirements and outlining any potential limitations. After this, we work with you to create a strategic development roadmap/spec.

Team Building

  • With this roadmap/spec in mind, we then create a team of talented developers, with the perfect skill set. These developers are selected specifically on their ability to deliver your project, the way you want it. You are able to then work with our developers, either in-house or remotely.


  • Once your project is underway, we continue to work with you to ensure that the process if seamless as possible. We communicate with our developers constantly, utilising our in-house development team to assist and support them should they run into any technical issues. Through our Harehub platform, you are able to follow the development in real-time, submit tickets and suggestions and reach out to us via Livechat.

Lower Costs

Save Time

Better Projects

Build it well, build it once

  • This is one of our many mantras at HARE.digital, we don’t believe in building on weak foundations. It’s why we are so thorough in our consultation process.

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